Energy Efficiency 4.0: Reducing operating costs while combining health and well-being in aged care facilities

Energy Efficiency 4.0 is a series of workshops at MCE 2022 with sessions devoted to the industry and healthcare sectors.

As part of the program, Luca Caputo, Area Manager of the Italian Branch, at 10.00 am on 30 June will present a speech entitled “Reducing operating costs while combining health and well-being in aged care facilities”.

In aged care facilities, and in the healthcare industry in a broader sense yet with specific requirements based on the type of facility, suitable humidification systems can both help reduce operating costs and ensure the correct humidity range.

The design of air conditioning systems in aged care facilities requires analysis of the needs of occupants (both residents and staff) and in particular the needs of the most vulnerable residents, who tend to be more elderly or in poor health. Furthermore, the climatic conditions in the aged care facility need to vary according to the different areas.

This often implies the need to manage different air conditioning systems within the same facility. The required temperature and humidity levels in the aged care facility are established by mandatory and non-mandatory regulations, as well as being suggested by a series of guidelines aimed at identifying, in the clearest possible way, the most suitable air conditioning systems, while obviously also focusing on indoor air quality.