Machine learning to benefit process humidification: heaterSteam titanium


Steam humidification, due to its inherent characteristics, is the preferred solution in applications where the priority is hygiene, such as in research laboratories and operating rooms. These applications are also “mission critical”, as they require very high performance in terms of service continuity and precision.

heaterSteam titanium, the only humidifier in the world with titanium heaters, is the top-of-the-range of this family of advanced humidifiers. The reliability of titanium, combined with excess temperature protection (unique on the market), makes heaterSteam titanium the natural solution for applications where continuity of operation is crucial. In particular, it can operate with treated water of any quality, even extremely aggressive water with conductivity below 1 μS/cm, and softened water down to 0° fH: the titanium heaters are completely immune to corrosion.

heaterSteam titanium is the world’s first humidifier with a pre-configured predictive maintenance solution available in the IoT suite of services. Data monitoring and analysis in real time on dedicated dashboards guarantee efficiency and service continuity.


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