Heos sistema


Heos sistema is Natural

The combination of CAREL know how in waterloop systems with DC inverter driven compressor, and solid experience in managing natural  refrigerants, has allowed Heos sistema to be now available with refrigerants more environmental frienldy.

Heos is the CAREL high-efficiency solution for managing refrigerated showcases that, rather than the classic architecture with a compressor rack serving the showcases via long refrigerant distribution lines, offers a solution comprising plug-in cabinets fitted with variable-capacity DC inverter compressors cooled by a water loop.

Natural refrigerants, in particular CO2 and Propane, are now integrated into the solution; the continuos modulation is extremely helpful to overcome the intrisic characterics of these refrigerants. 

Energy efficiency, perfect control of cabinet temperature, fast installation, flexible design and advanced service features are the most interesting benefits of Heos sistema, even with Natural Refrigerants.


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