AHU - Air quality and comfort: anytime, anywhere
c.pCO sistema
The Air Handling Unit (AHU) market is growing at a fast pace worldwide, driven by the stricter requirements of standards and regulations.
High efficiency management for residential heat pumps
c.pCO sistema
The heat pump market is now growing faster, aided by carbon emission reduction goals and the availability of more renewable energy sources.
Solution for chiller/hp units, energy efficiency and reliability
c.pCO sistema
The new CAREL standard application solution for chillers/heat pumps with scroll and BLDC compressors has been developed around the new c.pCO family range of programmable controllers.
The new family of connected programmable controllers
c.pCO sistema
The c.pCO controller family represents the evolution of pCO5+ towards unprecedented networking capabilities.


  • General characteristics

    c.pCOe is the new I/O expansion board with CAREL proprietary IO chip that ensures high configurability of the channels as input (support of NTC, PTC, PT1000, voltage and current probes, digital inputs) and as outputs (0-10V, PWM).
    c.pCOe board is proposed in two versions: 
    1. basic version, featuring a total of 16 I/Os, 10 of which universal inputs on I/O chip, 6 of which output relays. 
    2. enhanced version, same IO as basic version plus an integrated driver for unipolar expansion valve.
  • Plus

    • 4 DIN mounting version
    • 10 universal inputs/outputs
    • 6 Relay Outputs
    • Integrated RS485 port
    • Embedded Unipolar EXV (Enhanced model)
    • Ultracap module management (Enhanced model)



  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +0500059IE
    Description P+E*: c.pCOe – Espansione controllo programmabile / Programmable controller expansion
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 12/07/2019
    Release 1.3
    Code +0500059FR
    Description P+E*: c.pCOe – Expansion commande programmable / Programmable controller expansion
    Language ENG  FRE 
    Date 12/07/2019
    Release 1.3
  • 2D/3D drawings
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code 2d-3d cpCOe
    Description 2D-3D drawings
    Language ALL 
    Date 01/12/2016
    Release R0
  • Manuals
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +0300057EN
    Description c.pCO Programmable Controller
    Language ENG 
    Date 25/10/2020
    Release 1.4