Discover the new programming landmark

The world of programming is experiencing an unprecedented revolution, driven by constant evolution of the technologies and skills required. In the dynamic landscape of programming for HVAC/R units, the challenge of achieving high levels of efficiency without compromising overall system quality is becoming increasingly complex. Software programmers are aware of the changes underway and want to be ready to respond, however in order to do this they need solutions that let them focus on future challenges, eliminating any roadblocks that slow down the development process.
In this market context, CAREL is pleased to present STone, the new development tool designed to solve the specific challenges of software programmers for HVAC/R units and systems.
STone offers a concrete and advanced solution to accelerate the development process, while ensuring the software quality and efficiency.


The benefits offered by the new software development platform include:


Speed, teamwork, high quality results

A tool designed to meet the needs of programmers who want to develop software solutions quickly and work effectively in teams. The platform introduces efficient modular architecture, making coding much simpler while ensuring uncompromising quality of the end result.

New features for agile development

The new testing, debugging and advanced simulation capabilities available revolutionise the way software is tested. Fast, continuous and agile validation helps teams reduce the time needed to complete complex projects. Eliminating the frustration of revalidating the entire software is one of STone’s key features, allowing programmers to focus on tasks with higher added value.

Wide compatibility and optimised investments

The development platform is compatible with the wide range of CAREL programmable controls. This means that programmers can develop logic that can be used across a wide range of HVAC/R devices, thus optimising the investment made into the software. STone is not just a tool, but rather a partner that offers flexibility and optimisation of investments over the long term.

Technological innovation

Planning for the future must take into account new emerging technologies. STone anticipates this need, offering a future-ready foundation to support advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced simulation systems. This allows programmers to develop high-value software efficiently, opening up new possibilities for innovation and optimisation of HVAC/R systems.

Support throughout the unit’s life cycle

The new software development platform is not limited to simply supporting users in the software development, testing and validation phases, but rather throughout the entire life cycle of the unit.
Unit commissioning and maintenance, both local and remote, are managed simply and effectively, reducing both time and costs as well as increasing end customer satisfaction.

Cybersecurity: a vital element

In the world of manufacturing and automation, cybersecurity has become a priority. STone places special focus on security, recognising its vital importance in the modern industrial environment.
The STone platform integrates the features required by market standards in terms of IT security to protect Carel’s programmable controls against unauthorised access, unwanted tampering and other potential risks, with the aim of safeguarding industrial processes and ensuring the security of everyday operations.

In conclusion, STone is more than just a development tool; it is a complete response to the challenges that players in the HVAC/R business face every day. Stone can help you reduce development time, improve teamwork, and develop high-quality software solutions more efficiently. It is the ideal partner for those who want to be prepared for the challenges of modern programming, allowing you to focus on higher value-added tasks and embrace new technological trends.
STone, the new programming landmark, where innovation meets efficiency.

STone on Show
At MCE 2024 it will be possible to attend live demonstrations of the use of STone, every day and for the duration of the event, upon reservation. Stop by the CAREL booth for more information!