Solutions for Ventilation in Residential and Commercial applications

Every one of us breathes over 12,000 litres of air per day, mainly in indoor environments such as homes, workplaces, places of education and leisure. The recent pandemic has focused the attention on indoor air quality, which is crucial not only for comfort, but also for health. Insufficient air change can cause tiredness and reduced concentration, as well as fostering the spread of pathogens. The task of ensuring healthy air is provided by ventilation systems, with air handling units representing a key element.
Accurate selection of the heat recovery, humidification, evaporative cooling, control and continuous monitoring solutions helps ensure healthy indoor environments, reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions.

Maximum control for perfect air

Β΅Aria is the complete solution for the management of residential and small commercial ventilation units with heat recovery. The CAREL Applica app allows easy access to and optimal control of indoor air parameters, via NFC and Bluetooth.

In the commercial and tertiary sectors, k.AIR offers ready-to-use solutions for the control of modular and complex air handling units, with advanced logic to guarantee the right quantity and the highest quality of indoor air. Key strategies include demand-based control, pressurisation management and monitoring of absolute filters (HEPA).


No-compromise heat recovery

Delivering the right quantity of fresh air into indoor environments, while minimising energy consumption, requires a high-performance heat recovery system. EXSTREAM, our counterflow plate heat exchanger, ensures high efficiency and low pressure drop, making it also ideal for indirect evaporative cooling.


Advanced humidification and indirect evaporative cooling

The humiFog family, specifically the Multizone Touch model, guarantees perfect adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling, with low energy consumption and compliance with the hygiene standards defined by VDI6022.


Highest efficiency with Enginia dampers and accessories

ENGINIA designs dampers and accessories to improve unit efficiency, guaranteeing maximum tightness even in complex installations, for hygiene safety and specific environmental conditions.


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