Solutions for heat pumps applications

Heat pumps are a mature and consolidated technology for efficiently heating residential and commercial buildings and producing domestic hot water. 
However, to make this apparently simple appliance function optimally and comply with increasingly stringent regulations, the right components are needed.
In its broad yet targeted offering, CAREL can supply a complete package for the management of outdoor, indoor, or all-in-one units.

Refrigerant circuit management

The proposal for the management of outdoor and specifically packaged units includes first and foremost the electronic controllers from the c.pCO family, with new software featuring advanced algorithms and the latest functions demanded by the market, all easily customisable.
DC compressors are essential for high efficiency, especially when combined with the power+ inverter, and an electronic expansion valve, typically an E2V-F, managed by its stator
Likewise important is the use of SPKT*/SPKS* pressure and NTC temperature sensors. 
It is worth remembering that all the components described above are A3 ready or ATEX certified, meaning they can be used with natural and flammable refrigerants such as propane, ensuring safe operation of the unit.


The pGDN six-button human-machine interface or the display with built-in Bluetooth combined with the APPLICA smartphone app make commissioning and maintenance quicker than ever. 


Hydronic circuit management

This is another innovation that Carel will be presenting at the exhibition. Now the software running on the versatile c.pCO sistema programmable controller can manage hydronic circuits, with dedicated activation of the circulating pumps in up to three zones. Everything is done intelligently thanks to the SG ready features and climate curve management to optimise and reduce energy consumption.
The elegant pGDx touch screen display on board the unit can be used to display and set the parameters