Sustainable system solutions for industry

Industry accounts for 37% of global energy consumption and therefore a large part of greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve a 45% reduction in emissions by 2030 and reach the net-zero objective by 2050, heating and cooling processes, which account for 50% of global energy consumption, must be made more efficient.

CAREL offers advanced temperature and humidity control solutions, combined with heat recovery, to reduce energy consumption across a wide range of industrial applications, from food to data centres, from clean rooms to industrial cooling, where specific skills and in-depth knowledge of the processes are essential.

Completing the CAREL offering is a series of services aimed at guaranteeing end customers the reliability and safety of the solution:

Through its on-site services, CAREL is always on hand to support customers in all of the activities relating to its products and HVAC/R systems, through both its own specialist technical personnel and a network of qualified and certified partners across the world. The solutions for CAREL’s control products include a vast portfolio of configurations for commissioning services, optimised and diversified for the different needs of each individual customer. 

CAREL provides a portfolio of commissioning services, all performed by specialists in different applications, who verify and set the optimal configuration of the HVAC/R system so as to guarantee not only correct operation, but also the highest system performance. CAREL solutions for commissioning services are available for humidification and refrigeration systems. 

CAREL’s cloud portals are flexible solutions that adapt to any customer need. From the control of all connected sites to centralised remote management of individual units, CAREL’s solutions can be customised with the customer’s own graphic interface, allowing system access thanks to the various connectivity options and different user profiles management. Geolocation, real-time data acquisition with alarm notifications and statistical analysis complete the package of CAREL solutions.

Remote monitoring of sites and products is based on data acquisition using protocols that comply with the highest security standards and the adoption of advanced network filtering. Infrastructure security is guaranteed by data encryption and storage in separate physical data centres, with automatic backup and failover, continuous 24/7 monitoring and periodic penetration and vulnerability tests. 


Food industry

In the production and preservation of foodstuffs, the control of temperature and humidity is a key factor. High-efficiency technologies such as adiabatic humidifiers and heat exchangers can greatly reduce the energy usage in food processing and conservation, with huge benefits for the environment.

Bread and pasta, fruit and vegetables, and also meat and cheese are hygroscopic materials that tend to vary their water content, reaching an equilibrium with the ambient conditions. Controlling temperature and humidity in the food industry helps:

  • Prevent the release of moisture from food, which reduces the weight of the product;
  • Preserve the appearance and freshness of food;
  • Optimise the ageing process for cheese and cured meats;
  • Slow down the deterioration of products

HumiFog Multizone Touch is CAREL’s high-pressure adiabatic humidifier for precise and effective control of humidity in ducts and directly in rooms. 
humiFog is the ideal solution for large humidification loads and multi-zone systems thanks to the wide range of sizes available, from 150 to 1350 l/h, and the ability to control up to 12 zones with independent humidity set points, using just one humidifier. 
The version with oil-free, water-lubricated pump is the new addition to the humiFog family, the perfect solution for mission-critical industrial applications, which require continuous 24/7 operation and minimal maintenance.
Heating and cooling processes involving fresh air flows are common in the food industry. Heat recovery solutions for production rooms, drying cabins, cold rooms and other processes help reduce from 50% to 90% the energy required for heating and cooling.
Recuperator solutions for heat recovery from process air flows can.

  • Recover heat from air flows containing dust, fumes and solvents;
  • Guarantee the highest level of hygiene and easy cleaning;
  • Resist corrosion thanks to surface treatment solutions and the use of stainless steel;
  • Adopt indirect evaporative cooling strategies to save on mechanical cooling.


Industrial cooling

In an air conditioning system, the heat taken away by chillers and dry coolers decreases as the outside temperature increases. This is why, in summer, evaporative cooling can be exploited to improve system operating conditions.
Most chiller and drycooler installations are in fact sized based on the maximum outside temperature: the influence of this factor has grown in recent years, in response to intense summer heat waves. Oversizing of appliances means more pollution, higher noise levels and extra investments in terms of heat exchange surface area, which is not used during periods when demand is lower.

ChillBooster is an adiabatic atomiser that uses evaporative cooling to cool the air before it is used by the condensing units, such as chillers or dry coolers. The atomisation of water into minute droplets favours spontaneous evaporation, which absorbs heat from air and lowers its temperature.
In this way, the heat exchanger can dissipate the rated amount of heat even when the climate is hotter than expected. Atomisers used for evaporative cooling applications can operate on untreated mains water or demineralised water, and are very simple to manage: all that is needed is a pressure switch in the refrigerant circuit or a temperature sensor.
ChillBooster is the ideal solution for retrofit applications, to prevent the existing cooling systems from shutting down due to operation at peak conditions on hot days, as well as to increase efficiency and energy saving across the entire heating season. When selected during the planning stage, chillBooster increases cooling performance, thus allowing a cheaper chiller with lower energy consumption to be used.

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CAREL solutions for evaporative cooling on chillers and dry coolers:

  • Easy installation, on both new and existing systems
  • Cooling capacity increased by at least 30%
  • Longer compressor operating life 
  • Lower environmental impact: less water and power consumption
  • Lower running costs


Data centres

The air conditioning system in data centres is one of the essential infrastructures for the operation of information technology equipment (ITE): the processing and storage devices generate heat (up to several kW per square metre) that must be taken away to keep the temperature within values which ensure optimum operating conditions. Humidity also must be controlled, since values that are too low increase the probability of electrostatic discharges, while excessive values accelerate possible corrosion and affect the performance of some devices.

In this field, where service continuity is essential (mission critical) the ongoing technological development and research on energy savings are reflected in the constant evolution of air conditioning solutions. Thanks to its 40 years of experience in this field and its continuous research, CAREL provides integrated solutions for temperature and humidity control, based on an extensive offering of innovative, reliable and energy saving products: programmable electronic controls, sensors, humidifiers, evaporative coolers, electronic expansion valves, BLDC inverters and monitoring systems.

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One of the many components in the system solution for data centres is the new humiSonic direct,

highlighting its versatility and making it suitable for every type of application: data centres, museums, offices, printing facilities and cold stores are some of the typical uses, thanks to its compactness and efficiency.
For example, a humiSonic direct humidifier installed in the hot aisle of a data centre eliminates the need for steam humidifiers in the CCU, simplifying the system and guaranteeing a very fast return on investment, due to the 90% lower running costs.

CAREL’s solutions guarantee:

  • Maximum precision: they ensure ideal temperature and humidity for the ITEs;
  • Energy saving: thanks to the evaporative cooling systems, EEV and Power+;
  • Flexibility and integration: with the pCO programmable controllers;
  • Connectivity: collection and sharing of information from the devices to the BMS;
  • Reliability and optimisation: thanks to tERA and PlantVisor remote control.


Clean rooms

Relative humidity is one of the parameters that define the standard operating conditions of a clean room. There are several reasons why precise humidity control is required; Indeed, for some applications the specified tolerance is just 1%, due to the effect that relative humidity has from a physical-chemical point of view on material processing and storage:

  • Controlling and maintaining relative humidity between 40% and 60% prevents the proliferation of bacteria and other biological contaminants (viruses, fungi, mould, mites);
  • The speed of many chemical reactions, and the viscosity - in practical terms meaning workability - of some materials depend on the relative humidity; 
  • Electrostatic discharges that may damage electronic components are generated when the relative humidity level is too low;
  • Keeping relative humidity between 40% and 60% also ensures personal comfort, and therefore maximum operator efficiency.

CAREL provides complete solutions for installation in clean rooms: from modular programmable controllers to humidifiers, fitted with all the accessories needed to ensure maximum integration, up to and including complete system supervision. All this ensures reliability, precision and maximum energy savings.

The new range of heaterSteam humidifiers with immersed heaters includes models from 2 to 80 kg/h of steam, and can operate with drinking or demineralised water. The use of demineralised water reduces maintenance virtually to zero. heaterSteam features exclusive patented technological solutions, such as electric heaters embedded in cast aluminium alloy with a large heat exchange surface area and containing a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor has two functions: protection against overheating, for maximum reliability over time, and detection of excessive scale well in advance, to allow proper preventive maintenance.

The benefits of CAREL solutions include:
●    Very high precision: up to ±0.5% in relative humidity control;
●    Redundancy: to ensure continuous operation;
●    Maximum hygiene: also certified for adiabatic humidifiers;
●    Evaporative cooling: possibility to exploit adiabatic humidification to cool the environment.