Solutions for Heat Pumps

It is well known that heat pumps represent a fundamental element for the decarbonisation of the residential heating sector and reducing CO2 emissions.

In recent years there have been steady increases in heat pump sales, in both Europe and the United States. As regards the former, growth of 39% was recorded in 2022 compared to 2021, while as regards the latter, in 2020 sales exceeded gas boilers for the first time, and the trend continued in 2022, with growth of 53%.

This positive trend from previous years continued in the early part of 2023, however the second half of the year saw a slowdown in growth.

Despite this fluctuating trend, innovation continues, and at CAREL too we are certainly not watching and waiting.


Safe components

The new challenges to be faced, for example due to the use of new, natural yet highly-flammable refrigerants, have led CAREL to develop and manufacture safe products for managing the refrigerant circuit. A3 ready products have in fact have been available for many years now; this designation means they do not represent a source of ignition if the refrigerant comes into contact with the components.  


High-temperature expansion valve

The natural refrigerant that manufacturers have universally adopted for new units is propane (R-290). This has excellent thermodynamic properties and allows for condensing temperatures of up to 85°C, much higher than with traditional R-32 or R-410A refrigerants. 
To ensure safe operation with this refrigerant, CAREL has developed the E2V-K expansion valve, which can work safely at temperatures of up to 100°C. Like the E2V-F, the steel body and copper fittings guarantee tightness, allowing for ATEX classification. It is also UL certified, and can be combined with standard or ATEX stators, for valve member movement that ensures precise instant control of refrigerant flow.

For CAREL, that’s not all

In addition to the thermodynamic aspects, the electrical aspects are also fundamental, with ever more stringent regulations and demand for much higher performance levels. Hence our new award-winning inverter, whose features make it top of its class in the sector.


3ph inverter with active PFC


Years of careful development have led to the three-phase inverter with active power factor correction, perfect for managing variable-speed compressors with permanent magnet synchronous motors used in residential environments. This inverter ensures, in any operating range and without requiring additional passive filtering compone:

  • complete compliance with the IEC61000-3-2 standard (mains current draw < 16 A);
  • harmonic distortion of input current of less than 5% of rated current.

These features make it much less difficult to pass the tests required for certification of the final unit. 

Furthermore, the input power factor remains high at all times (0.95-0.99), optimising mains current draw and allowing smaller power cables.

Another benefit that certainly should not be underestimated is the extension of the compressor’s operating range with the same output current as supplied by a classic drive. The special internal design means the inverter’s output voltage always remains high, immune from mains disturbance.

Class B certification, compatibility with natural refrigerants (A3 ready) and the flexible system for cooling the power components make this a versatile product that meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers.


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