Wine industry

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    As is well known to experts in the field, temperature, humidity and pressure control are factors that play a key role in the wine production, refining and preservation process. In order for the product to arrive on our tables while preserving its unique characteristics and always of excellent quality, it is necessary to keep these variables within the limits established during each stage of processing and storage process.
    Even the wine industry must therefore make use of systems for the control of the key features of the environment, in order to achieve the best results and ensure product competitiveness in a global market.

    If during the refining process the air humidity level is too low, there is the risk that part of the wine can evaporate through the barrels, resulting in substantial losses, which in a two-year period may arrive at 15% of the volume!! This percentage of product that evaporates, which in specific jargon is called "the angels' share", results in a substantial economic loss for the wine producers, which could be considerably limited by careful control of the humidity.
    Carel offers a wide range of humidifiers, both steam and adiabatic, with various capacities and operation modes. The adiabatic systems, in particular, are the cutting edge solutions for humidification. It is a reliable, accurate and energy saving technology, as its operation is based on spraying water into millions of tiny droplets that evaporate spontaneously into the air, humidifying and cooling it. Their energy consumption is very low, barely 4W per litre of sprayed water for the most efficient systems, less than 1% compared to the consumption of an ordinary steam humidifier!
  • Plus

    Choose a Carel humidifier to:
    • Reduce losses due to evaporation of the wine through the barrels;
    • Maintain the ideal level of moisture during each stage of processing and storage;
    • Save energy thanks to the efficiency of the adiabatic humidifiers.


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