Wood industry

  • General characteristics

    The hygroscopic materials, for example wood, are extremely sensitive to the air characteristics: in fact, they tend to contract or expand depending on the humidity level of the environment. For this reason, in order to optimize the processing and storage of wood, air humidity must be constantly monitored, thus avoiding the altering of the plant fibers' sizes, a phenomenon which in turn can cause the formation of cracks.
    From cutting, when the water content is more abundant, to the production of the boards in sawmills, and to the final products such as furniture or fixtures, the wood's water content tends to vary a great deal depending on the environmental conditions with which it seeks to get into balance.
    To ensure the best workability of wood during all phases of the process, a water content between 9 and 11% is said to be optimal, corresponding to an ambient humidity around 60%. Failure to comply with these requirements, in particular low levels of humidity, can compromise both the appearance of the wood, which becomes grainy and dull, and also cause straightness flaws, cracks in the boards, corner seals opening, up to detachment of the veneer or wood laminates that cover the furniture not made of solid wood, because the wood absorbs the solvent from the glue before it can undergo polymerization.
    Even the dispersion of dust into the air can be reduced with 'proper humidity, improving the quality of the processing or storage environment.
    For manufacturing processes where the machines develop high amounts of heat, the adiabatic humidifiers are the perfect solution, since they humidify and cool the air at the same time. In fact, these systems atomize the water into millions of tiny droplets which evaporate spontaneously absorbing the heat from the air, which consequently cools. We are talking about reliable solutions and energy saving, with a consumption of just 4W per litre of atomized water.
    Thanks to its 40 years of experience in the field, Carel offers a wide range of adiabatic and steam humidifiers, with different sizes and operating characteristics, always offering the most suitable solution for each specific application.
  • Plus

    • Ensure the best product quality, in terms of appearance and functionality;•
    • Ensure greater reliability of the production process;•
    • Reduce the amount of dust in the air, optimizing the quality of the environment;•
    • Breaking down the heat generated by the machines with adiabatic systems.


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