More integration, less energy consumption

The attention to energy consumption and the drive to achieve higher efficiency and lower pollution has never been so strong. Even without taking into account the current international situation, such as the energy crisis and higher energy costs. This transition, both psychological and technical, has been underway for some time now, and will increasingly take hold.

But do we know how much energy we actually consume?

The air conditioning and refrigeration sector accounts for 17% of global electricity usage, and the percentage is even higher in Europe. No small amount then!

However the energy savings that can be achieved by adopting high efficiency solutions are not trivial either. None of us want to give up comfort in our homes throughout the year, so the major challenge is therefore to maintain well-being while consuming less energy!

CAREL has been at the forefront in taking on this challenge for years now. The evolution of devices and control solutions can bring increases in energy efficiency of more than 40% in the latest generation heat pumps, based on our estimates when comparing against units equipped with on-off compressors and mechanical thermostatic valves.

That’s all fine, so technically what do we need to do?

The technical solution needed to achieve lower energy consumption involves an ecosystem of components that modulate operation to better adapt to the variations in temperature/pressure and thermal load throughout the year. Heat pumps need to adapt to seasonal variations, to daily weather conditions, to day/night cycles, and even to variations in the availability of electricity throughout the day.

This sounds quite complicated, right?

In actual fact, the solution is as simple as it is technologically advanced: an integrated system of CAREL high efficiency products, starting with electronic expansion valves (ExV) and the corresponding valve drivers (EVD). Higher performance can be achieved by then coupling the latest generation inverters (PSD) and DC compressors, available in different sizes and capacities. All this, controlled and coordinated by the smart algorithms embedded in our c.pCO family controllers, gives applications with the highest levels of efficiency and the most extensive features.

An ecosystem designed by CAREL to be simple and integrated.

CAREL will be exhibiting at MCE 2022: come and visit us at our stand no. A31-A41-B42 in hall 22 to find out all about our high efficiency solutions.



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