In 2022, CAREL INDUSTRIES acquired a 70% stake in Sauber S.r.l., a company founded in 1993 and based in Porto Mantovano (Mantova), with a staff of 55 employees.

The company provides field installation and support services for cooling/humidification systems in commercial and residential buildings. Through its experience acquired and the integration of highly professional skills, Sauber operates on the market as an innovative business for managing building systems and maintenance and providing advanced energy management services.

This acquisition of a majority stake in Sauber represents a significant opportunity in the service business, allowing CAREL to acquire important know-how and boosting its potential to provide service directly in the field. In addition to the possibility of expanding its business beyond its current territorial coverage, Sauber has also strengthened its field and consulting services focused on energy efficiency, exploiting the Group's digital services offering.