Sustainable comfort: high efficiency buildings for a zero-emission future

We typically spend 90% of our life indoors to live and work. All types of buildings (houses, apartments, shops, malls, hospitals, etc.) represent a large amount of the energy consumed in the European Union: up to 40% of total energy consumption, corresponding to 36% of energy-related direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions across the Union. In particular, heating, cooling, and domestic hot water production account for 80% of the energy that households consume in the EU. If we also consider that two-thirds of the energy used for heating and cooling of all buildings still comes from fossil fuels, it is easy to understand why buildings are responsible for about half of primary fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions in the EU, which cause premature death and illness.

The first step to achieve sustainable urban development entails the generation and optimisation of energy in buildings in order to implement the process of decarbonising cities. In addition to improving perimeter and inter-zone insulation, the deployment of highly efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems is key to achieve the European Union’s (EU’s) 2050 energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) goals.

Heat pumps and ventilation systems can play a key role in this process: by using consolidated technology on the market that is expanding its capacity day by day, it is possible to both have a real alternative already today to fossil fuels, and to accelerate the electrification rate of the HVAC sector.

CAREL has been working for more than 15 years in the research, development and integration of specific products and solutions for heat pumps and ventilation systems, following the market requirements and looking to the future of “sustainable comfort”. Our portfolio of programmable and parametric controllers, electronic expansion valves, drivers and sensors are combined into well-integrated bundle solutions, ready to be used by unit manufacturers, in order to achieve all the necessary targets in terms of efficiency, safety and electrical compliance and satisfy all the latest requirements in the residential HVAC market.



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