CAREL CPQ - Discover the selection and configuration tool to speed up your work

Access to products and related information has never been easier. In fact, a consumer's typical shopping experience is now mostly online: from searching for information on what can solve his/her need, to comparing different solutions, to purchasing on an e-commerce site.

The key features of this type of shopping experience are speed, autonomy, and the convenience with which the user finds the solution to his/her problem.

This is something well-established for many of us as consumers, and it is the same type of interaction we end up looking for in B2B channels.

In fact, the so-called Digital Self Serve is the channel with the highest growth in supplier-customer relationships in the post-Covid era. The ability to find information independently on dedicated sites and tools is considered essential for purchasing departments, consultants and designers, as well as for the technical departments of companies, without prejudice to the ability to request support through human interaction at a later time.

CAREL's answer to this need for efficiency is CAREL CPQ.

CAREL CPQ is the CAREL product selection and configuration tool designed to speed up and simplify the work of designers, customers and partners. The main features are the following:

  • The tool is online and always up-to-date, without the need to install or download updates.
  • It allows to download and print a whole range of information and documentation related to the selected components.
  • It includes, to date, the product families of humidification, electronic expansion valves, sensors and pre-programmed controllers for ventilation systems. However, the tool is continuously being updated, and the other product families in the CAREL portfolio will be made available.
  • Each solution always includes all the necessary components for a professional installation, from the main unit to accessories and spare parts, so that you do not have to discover missing components during the process.
  • The selection process is guided step by step! Starting with dimensional and application data, CPQ guides even the least experienced user toward a complete and correct solution. The know-how that drives the selection logic is CAREL’s unique addition.
  • Any doubts or questions? At all times, CAREL staff will be available for support on your projects.
  • In addition to simple selection, CPQ allows to download configuration files to speed up commissioning of products in the field, get quotes for the configurations made, and even send CAREL the relevant order!

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