Impact of air humidity on health: the upcoming challenges for healthcare facilities

At this year’s exhibition - finally with in-person attendance - CAREL has organised a meeting on the topic of indoor air quality, the focus of its offering.

On 28 June at 13.00, in the “NH MILANO FIERA" hotel, in front of the Milan exhibition and conference centre, the company will host a free conference entitled “Impact of air humidity on health: the upcoming challenges for healthcare facilities”, with experts from the healthcare and HVAC businesses who will discuss the scientific evidence demonstrating how correct air humidity control is an extremely valuable ally for our health.

In light of the latest regulations that govern the design of buildings and the adaptation of existing structures in terms of economic sustainability, solutions will be proposed for improving air quality in healthcare facilities, with special focus on system energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Indeed, to achieve such improvements, all buildings need to quickly make substantial changes to their systems, and healthcare facilities need to accelerate the design of new systems to ensure proper ventilation and increase the amount to fresh air introduced into the buildings.

Speakers will include Dr. Gabriella Guarnieri, Medical Director - Respiratory Physiopathology - Department of Cardio-Thoraco-Vascular Sciences and Public Health, University of Padua Hospital, and Marco Piernoli, Management Consultant and Director of Technologies and Infrastructures - Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome, who will share the challenges faced by the largest Children’s Hospital and Research Centre in Europe regarding air humidity control and energy sustainability.

The conference will be held in Italian language.


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