Health Academy: indoor air quality in schools and nursing homes

Stefano Ruzzon, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, Humidification Division and Luca Caputo, Area Manager of the Italian Branch will participate as speakers at Health Academy, a programme with mini-cycles of “lessons” on topics that touch on different aspects of healthiness in construction. 
In particular, from 28 June to 1 July, on the occasion of the 2022 edition of MCE, Health Academy has scheduled 6 lessons of one hour each, with two speakers per session and a moment of final debate, at the Conference & Business Area of Hall 13.

CAREL will be present at two events not to be missed, to speak in depth on the theme of indoor air quality, today more important than ever.

Stefano Ruzzon, on 28 June, starting at 11:00 am, will speak at the lesson “Designing the air in the classroom”, with a speech entitled “Ventilation and air humidity control: the combination for health”: two years after the beginning of the pandemic, it emerges how plant engineering can contribute to improving the healthiness of buildings. Schools are among the environments most at risk of unhealthy conditions due to the presence of VOCs, formaldehyde and radon gas. What aspects need to be considered to reduce risks?

Luca Caputo, on 30 June, starting at 2:30 pm, will speak instead at the lesson “Nursing homes: plant engineering at the service of care” with the speech “Thermo-hygrometric control to support health”: how does the healthiness of the indoor space interact with personal care? Is there a correlation between the quality of the built environment and health? How do you improve the permanence of patients and operators within healthcare facilities thanks to the correct design and choice of systems?